Complete Guide to Bible Journaling

Creative Techniques to Express Your Faith (Design Originals) Includes 270 Stickers, 150 Designs on Perforated Pages, and 60 Designs on Translucent Sheets of Vellum

Discover a powerful new way to engage with Scripture through art in this inspirational guide to Bible Journaling!

  • Beginner-friendly inspirational guide to Bible Journaling
  • Embrace your faith and engage with Scripture through art in a visual and creative way
  • 270 stickers in full color to help embellish your Bible Journal
  • 150 designs on perforated pages are easily removed and ready to use
  • 60 vellum designs on translucent sheets to use as overlays
  • Colorful examples from leading Bible Journal artists are included to help inspire your creativity
  • How-to section provides instruction on lettering, drawing, coloring, painting, and embellishing with stamps, sitckers, and stencils
  • Helpful advice on choosing Scripture and the types of Bibles and journals you can use for your art

In Complete Guide to Bible Journaling, world renowned artist Joanne Fink and her talented co-author Regina Yoder explain the basics of this beautiful art form that connects faith with creativity.


Clubhouse Kidz-Psalm 23

by Regina Yoder


Join the Clubhouse Kidz on an action-packed quest to hide God's Word in their hearts. Come along as they Read it, Write it, Sing it, and Recite it till you're sure to know it too!

Meet "Miss Chin" and follow along on the kids' adventures through the park for down-home fun that will leave you with a priceless treasure of God's Word tucked away in your heart. The Clubhouse Kidz make learning God's Word easy and exciting! It's a gift that will impact you for more than a lifetime--for eternity.

Make sure to check out the book that goes along with this video.  The kids in the video use the book to help them memorize Psalm 23 and your child will be able to follow along with the video with their own book.  They make a perfect pair!  Great for Homeschool families.


Psalm 23 Photo Book

Psalm 23 book is an amazing tool that's will help you make it fun for your kids to hide God's word in their hearts. Each phrase of the scripture is paired with a photograph to create a mental tag that enhances recall.

It's kinda like Rosetta Stone for Bible Memory.  It's great for homeschoolers!

This book can be used alone, or paired with the Clubhouse Kidz video entitled Psalm 23.  You want your kids to have a strong Biblical foundation for their faith. This book will help you get there.


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